Varsity Jackets

A Timeless Tradition…

…rewarding student accomplishment and bringing pride to parents for generations. We feature Holloway Varsity Jackets, which have manufactured jackets since the 60’s. The jackets are made from 100% wool and either traditional leather or wool sleeves. We highly recommend students come into the store with parents to try on sizes to ensure proper fit, since custom-designed jackets cannot be returned. We have knowledgeable and friendly staff whose primary objective is to make this big moment in a student’s high school career enjoyable and satisfying.

Varsity Jacket/Sweater Prices

Wool Body w/ Leather Sleeves             $185.00

   Leather Sleeves w/ Inserts                $230.00

  Leather Sleeves w/ Inserts & Cord     $235.00

Wool Body w/ Wool Sleeves                 $125.00

A+ Varsity Sweater                              $60.00

Customization Prices

Sew on Patches                                    $8.00

Name & Graduation Year on Front         $10.00

Chenille Year Patch on Shoulder            $16.00

Chain Stitch Letters on Back                   $1.90

                       2 Color Lettering             $2.90

Single Stitch Last Name on Back            $12.00

Sew/Glue Medals/Pins                             $5.00

Varsity Sweater Stripes                         $18.00