We offer embroidery services on items ordered through us, as well as some items that are brought in by customers. We have a book of stock designs to choose from, or you can bring your logo to us to use. Personal logos and designs will need to be digitized, which puts it into a stitch file for our machines to read. That fee starts at $40 and depends on the size and amount of detail. Typical turn around for embroidery projects is 2 weeks. That may vary during busier times, such as around the holidays. Below is a sample of some of our embroidery fonts. 



Varsity Jackets

      We do varsity jackets for many schools such as Clarkston, Holly, Lakeland, Waterford, etc. Start to finish, jackets can take from 2 - 6 weeks for completion, depending on the school and if there are alterations needed. Check back soon for a varsity jacket page with all the info needed to call/email with your order!

Vinyl Cutting

     We offer vinyl cutting services for custom tees, names, and numbers. Designs for custom tees must be in a vector file (.EPS or .PDF) for us to use, or there may be an art fee to recreate the design. There is no set up fee for adding names and/or numbers to apparel. Names are $6.00 each, numbers are $3.00 per digit. Custom Tees with a vinyl design start at $20.00. 

Screen Printing

     We order screen print transfers and heat press them on instead of printing directly on the shirt. This allows you to order extra prints and store them with us so you can order as needed. We usually stick to 1-3 colors when ordering prints, as the price increase with each color. However, we do have options available for full color designs. In order to give you an accurate price, we need would need to know how large the design is, how many colors are in it, whether it is front, back, or both, and how many you plan on ordering. We can give you a quote for a variety amounts to give you an idea of how the price drops with the more you order. The best way to get a quote is to email all this info along with an image of the design to and we will respond with pricing as soon as we are able to.

Graphic Design Work

     We offer design services such as logo recreation and logo design. Art fees start at $40. For those who need a logo designed from scratch, our Graphic Designer can help with that as she does freelance work as well. If you would like info about that, send an email to and we can send you the contract for your review.


Return Policy 

     Custom clothing item returns and refunds are limited to clothing defects or errors on colors, quantities, or sizes. If you have any questions on this, please don't hesitate to call or email.